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Jauntium Java Browser Automation

Sep 28, 2018
Jauntium Beta Released!

Test drive Jauntium today and leave feedback in the forum to help shape the next release!
Jauntium is a new, free Java library that allows you to easily automate Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, IE, and other modern web browers. With Jauntium, your Java programs can perform web-scraping and web-automation with full javascript support. The library is named 'Jauntium' because it builds on both Jaunt and Selenium to overcome the limitations of each. Jauntium makes it easy to:
  • create web-bots or web-scraping programs
  • search/manipulate the DOM
  • work with tables and forms
  • write automated tests
  • enhance your existing Selenium project (how)
Code example: Google scraper - search for 'seashells'
System.setProperty("webdriver.chrome.driver", "path/to/chromedriver.exe");  //setup

Browser browser = new Browser(new ChromeDriver());      //create (Chrome) browser instance    
browser.visit("https://google.com");                    //visit google.com
browser.doc.apply("seashells").submit();                //apply search term and submit form

Elements links = browser.doc.findEvery("<h3>").findEvery("<a>");    //find search result links
for(Element link : links) System.out.println(link.getAt("href"));   //print results
Jauntium is free and is available under the Apache license [see comparison to Selenium, comparison to Jaunt].
Feature list:
  • Exposes all functionality of Selenium.
  • User-friendly (Jaunt-like) architecture
  • Form-fillout by label/sequence.
  • High-level table data extraction.
  • Fluent DOM navigation & search (search chaining).
  • Regex-enabled DOM querying.
  • Fine grained DOM access (attributes, nodes, etc).
  • Javascript execution.
  • File downloading.
  • Web pagination discovery.

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